Ampire BTR100

Bluetooth mottagare via RCA
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Artikelnr: BTR100
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Bluetooth mottagare som kopplas in via RCA.
Kan ex. kopplas direkt in i ett slutsteg(om slutsteget klarar 1.0V ingångskänslighet), och på så sätt spela musiken direkt från telefonen och därmed slippa ha en extern huvudenhet.


- Marine certified
- with auto turn on function (remote out)
- certified Bluetooth 4.0 CRS I9chip
- RCA output with 1.0V Signal output 
- QDL licensed 
- SSID Name: BTR100

- Blue: Remote out wire +12V/20mA
- Red: +12V ignition (ACC) Fuse 2A
- Black: GND
- RCA outputs: red= right, white= left

- Ensure that your streaming device has Bluetooth enabled.
- Turn the ignition (ACC) on.
- The LED (6) starts blinking (pairing mode). 
- Select BTR100 in your devices Bluetooth setup menu.
- When successfully connected, the LED on the BTR100 will stop blinking and remain lit. A single beep will be heard through the connected sound system.

- Multiple devices can be paired to the BTR100, but only one device can connect at one time.
- The BTR100 will remember the last device which was connected to it and reconnect with it automatically. If that device is not active, then other paired devices can connect manually, or new devices can be paired.
- When a connected device is out of range for more than one minute, the BTR100 will automatically disconnect it and returns to pairing mode [the LED (6) starts blinking].

- Once connected, audio is controlled from the sreaming device. This includes volume and media selection.
- The BTR100 can be installed out of sight, as it has no user controls that needs to be accessed.

- Power: 12V DC
- Current consumption: 40mA max.
- Bluetooth 4.0
- Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
- Output level: 1V RMS

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