City Action - Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse

399 kr (799 kr)
Artikelnr: PM-5539
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For exciting rescue missions! The big rubber dinghy reaches the water over the ramp with winch.With many rescue accessoires and functional lighthouse (requires 2 x 1,5-V-Micro-Batteries).Measurements: 39 x 54 x 29 cm (LxWxH).

Patrol the waterfront from the Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse. The station’s functioning lighthouse acts as a beacon for local sailors and a warning to those up to no good. From the upper observation room, officials can monitor coastal activity, while the first level ramp makes it easy to place the floatable boat in water. Now, it’s ready to respond to nearby emergencies. When it’s not in use, connect the boat to the cable winch and pull it up the boat ramp and onto the metal docking platform at the back of the station. Set includes five figures, floating boat, two rescue rings, oxygen tank, flippers and mask, surfboard, walkie talkies, emergency medical equipment, fire extinguisher, and tons of additional accessories.
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