Scalextric C4175 BATMOBILE - 1966 TV SERIES 1:32

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Batmobile - 1966 TV Series

Batman originates all the way back to 1939 where he was first introduced in Detective Comics. Since then, he has grown to become one if not the most famous of superheroes of all time. Batman made it from the comic book pages and onto the TV screen in the 1960’s when the Batman TV series first aired starring Adam West as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Both Batman and his companion Robin where two crime fighters there to defend Gotham City, their mode of transport was the Batmobile. This detailed Scalextric slot car of the 1960’s Batmobile captures the shape of this iconic car and offers Batman fans from around the globe the opportunity to take Batman to the track. This car comes complete with a detailed Batman figure in the driver’s seat.


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